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As an experienced Red Seal plumber & pipefitter I can speak the language of the trades to coach you through the preparations for your exam. Terry Alfred Hockley RSE

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Red Seal Success!

Steamfitter-Pipefitter: Jeff Herman

Terry was Awesome! He was able to engage the class and keep the material interesting. If a student had difficulty grasping an idea, Terry was able to change his approach and would stay with his students until they understood the information. My success in completing the Red Seal test was owed to how much information I was able to learn from Terry's teaching!!! Thanks Terry.

Get what you need, when you need it, without breaking the bank!

  • One-on-one private training
  • Lessons focus on problem areas of test
  • Flexible hours for your convenience
  • Face-to-face via Skype, no travelling
  • Affordable training
  • No need to miss work for classes

How coaching works:

For busy people that don’t have the time to dedicate to yet another full course, this is for you. If you have an hour to spare and an internet connection, you can have your own personal coach to help get you through the exam. We’ll connect by Skype and work on where you are having problems. No need to sit through long classes when you only need help in one area. Whether it is the mathematics, or some of the more technical aspects of the trade, Terry can work around your schedule and work with you on exactly what you need.

Online coaching is $50.00/hour.

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Red Seal Advantage Success Story

Steamfitter: James Andrew

I've been in the trade for 15 years. I started as a Red Seal plumber. Due to lack of work, I decided to go on the road and work as a pipefitter. I've been on the road for 11 years now, and the last five years have been getting harder to get work, due to not being a qualified steamfitter.

The first five years I accumulated enough hours to challenge my steam exam, and I failed miserably my first time. So being on the road I collected some info and tried to study on my own. Two years later, I challenged it again with the same results. Between my family and travelling for work, night school didn't work for me, and I could not find a local course. Then I met Terry.

Terry didn't take long to figure out the areas is was struggling in and we planned a couple of coaching sessions to work my math steam theory.

Terry got me back on my feet and simplified areas of concern. Terry then reorganized my notes and prepared me for the third time to write.

When I was was done meeting with Terry, I had only three weeks to study. Within the three weeks Terry kept on top of me, motivating me and sending me questions to answer and texting him back.

I wouldn't have got my passing grade if it weren't for Terry . His knowledge, passion and consistent support changed me and my family's life. Terry helped me pass and put my steam behind me so I know can move on and take on the next challenges in my life. I am very appreciative of Terry's hard work and the kindness he had offered to me, and I'm always suggesting his name to the guys who are struggling. Thanks Terry.

How classroom training works:

Worried about your Red Seal exam? Maybe you’ve already taken it, and need to take it again. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are lots more people in the same boat as yourself. Learn from Terry and your fellow students. Having worked in the trade for many years, and with a long history of training, Terry knows where the problem areas are in passing your Red Seal exam, and he can help you get your certification.

Course Description

Our classroom pipefitter/steamfitter courses don’t try to teach you all the basics over again. We focus on the areas that give students problems on the exams, and help you get over that final hurdle of your Red Seal Certification as Pipefitter/Steamfitter.

Each of our classroom courses will run for approximately 48 hours over six days. Our course topics focus on the problem areas that we see over and over again for students. But we’re not tied to a corporate outline. Our classes are small enough, and our courses flexible enough, that we can adopt to the particular needs of each student.

And once the course is over, you aren’t left high and dry. You can follow up with Terry on course topics. And, if you still need extra help, you’ll have priority for one-on-one coaching sessions.

Red Seal Advantage helps you get certified —the guys say so!

Terry Hockley in a classroom with his students

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Red Seal Success!

Plumber: Jason Moore

I received training from Terry. It was very professional, and he is an excellent teacher. As an adult learner I was reluctant about challenging the Red Seal exam, but Terry was very good at explaining things in layman terms and made me more comfortable with the code book. I would recommend his services to anybody!


Terry Hockley knows the trade. As a Red Seal plumber, pipefitter and A-class gas fitter for 52 years, Terry has seen just about everything that there is to see in the trade. He has worked all across Canada in every environment and type of project you can imagine.

For 8 years, Terry taught in the trades section of Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI, helping bring the next generation into the trades. He has also been a travelling instructor, flying across the country to provide specialized Red Seal exam preparation training courses.

Terry has been in the trenches, and knows the trade inside-out. He is passionate about passing along his knowledge and experience to the next generation, and making sure that new tradespeople have what they need for a successful career.


Red Seal Certification for Steamfitter/Pipefitter

Red Seal Certification for Plumbing

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training
Certified Journeyman, Gasfitter (A)

Crosby Rigging and Product Training
Certificate of Achievement, Jan 18, 2005

Member in Good Standing of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association for installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps

industrial pipes
Firebag steam assisted gravity drainage well pad at the Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta
Terry Hockley and a student
Terry Hockley in a classroom with his students
Terry Hockley with his students
Cabin Gas Plant in Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Cardinal River coal mine
ouvrier maintenance
outside an industrial worksite
industrial work site
industrial work site


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